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Green Fork Farmers' Market--Weekly Notification

*Dear Green Fork Farmers Market Customers:
August 8th Update

Stephen V., your interim Market Manager here.
We had a very productive meeting yesterday about the future of the market. We being Jane Maginot (Beyond Organics), Larry Galligan (Riverside Specialty Farm) and yours truly (Figgieville). We were also fortunate to have Ann Wells (Ozark Pastured Beef) join us. More about Ann in a moment.
It became clear in our meeting that a mid-week Online Market is needed in Fayetteville and that we are committing ourselves to keeping this picture alive. The goal is to return to a more diverse market with more growers of quality food and the ability to have products for sale “on the table” at least part of the year.
Most growers have a lull in production this time of year with the transition to fall crops. So we decided to take a break until October.
However, Ann Wells would be happy to meet you in the Southwest quadrant of the Evelyn Hills parking lot on either this Saturday a.m. or next Wednesday afternoon!
If you need (Pastured) BEEF, LAMB, CHICKEN, TOMATOES, AND WATERMELONS! Olives, Oil and HONEY are in good supply. EGGS: the chickens are coming our of molting so your patience is needed on those.
To receive her current Newsletter / complete Product List PLEASE SEND AN E-MAIL TO OR BETTER YET TEXT ANN @
You are sure to see some familiar faces @ Evelyn Hills.
We appreciate your patronage and will be in touch with further developments.

Sincerely Yours,
Stephen Vallus
Text: 479-387-0448