Bee Well Gardens

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Bee Well Gardens is a small-scale, naturally-grown, chemical-free nursery in the Ozarks. We specialize in heirloom flowers, pollinator-supporting native plants, and medicinal herbs. Our mission is to facilitate the creation of beautiful, healthy gardens that supply both their human stewards and the local pollinators with bountiful rewards—such as food, medicine, and places for insects to safely gather pollen and nectar and raise their young. Out of respect for the bees we keep and concern for the bee populations everywhere, we strive to live and cultivate our plants in ways that support the wellness of all life-forms. To this end, we promise to:
Never use chemical fertilizers or pesticides on our property
Propagate all wild flowers in-house (never wild-dig)
Use recycled products whenever possible and research and utilize alternatives to petroleum-based products

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