Great Fermentations!


Fermented Vegetables…The Ultimate Superfood!

Remember Grandma’s pickle barrel? Well, those pickles were fermented! Fermentation is the most natural way of preserving the harvest while creating live probiotic cultures and that tangy, pickled flavor for healthy benefits in every delicious bite.

An obsession with nutrient-dense, traditionally prepared foods that promote health led Cat Swenson to create Great Fermentations! and this line of high quality, organic & locally-produced fermented foods. “When I found out that brine-fermented vegetables taste delicious AND have a greater diversity and quantity of probiotics than either pills OR commercially produced yogurts…I was sold. I promptly removed every ‘dead, nutrient-depleted, heat-treated, vinegar-pickled item’ from my kitchen and replaced them all with the more healthful, fermented versions! What a simple and tasty way to improve our digestive health. My goal is to create a fermented variety of every popular condiment.” Next up? Fermented sliced jalapenos with onions & carrots to add zing & nutrients to sandwiches & nachos! Cat’s husband John claims that she will ferment “anything that doesn’t move”….so stay tuned!
Cat Swenson, Fermenter-in-Chief

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