Foundation Farm


USDA Certified Organic

We are a small scale farm. Our design is to model a 3 to 10 acre farm which fits our ecology and economy best. Based on our experience it is the size at which mechanization is still limited, land is best taken care of while sustaining a full-time farming workforce. It is also a good natural size for our type of landscape and local market situation.

We are certified organic. We supply a variety of fresh organic (chemical-free) produce which our climate allows. Over time, other crops can be added such as perennial berries, fruit trees and flowers. Diversification is a well-tested strategy to improve farm ecology, increase marketing appeal and protect against crop failures.

We are now also looking at adding another layer of income by providing our area with processed foods. Our first product was a classic pesto made with our organic basil and with other high quality ingredients.

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