BlackSheep Ranch


We raise a combination of Dorper, Katahdin & American Blackbelly, which are breeds of hair sheep that do well raised on pasture.

The meat of hair sheep is much milder in flavor than the meat of wool breeds, and the flavor of grass-fed lamb is the “champagne of lamb”…succulent & juicy, well marbled yet lean… and simply delicious.

The sweet, delicate and complex flavor that is appreciated around the world is perfected here on our Ozark pastures!

100% Grass-Fed: All of our animals are born, raised & live only on pasture. Our sheep eat the diet nature intended: grass, forbs & sweet clover as we rotate them from field to field.

No Antibiotics, Hormones or Preservatives: Healthy sheep raised naturally don’t need antibiotics or hormones. We also do not use fertilizers or herbicides on our fields…preferring instead to build up soil life & nutrients with rotational/managed grazing.

More Nutritious: Our flavorful, pasture raised lamb has more of the “good stuff” you want in your diet, such as:
• More Omega-3 Fatty Acid
• More Cancer-Fighting CLA
(Conjugated Linoleic Acid)
• More Vitamin E & Vitamin C
• More Beta-carotene

More Humane & Eco-Friendly: Farm animals benefit when they are kept out of feedlots & allowed to mature on pasture as nature intended. Grass-fed lamb leaves a light carbon footprint.

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