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Plentygood Farm has grown organic produce since 1995. We have 2 acres of garden, some is in a wheat rotation at this time, and so will have limited amounts of veggies for 2013.
We have a well established asparagus patch that yielded over 250 pounds of wonderful sweet asparagus this year.
In early spring we have spinach from March through May. During the summer months we will have smaller amounts of squash, zuchini, pickling cucumbers, tomatoes, beets, okra and perhaps green beans, watermelons, cantalope and eggplant. This is all variable depending on the season and weather conditions. We will also have early and late apples as well as the very sweet Magness Pear.
For 2013 we have an outstanding crop of elephant garlic we will carry throughout the summer and fall months.
Last but not least our biggest crop for the summer is the Tuberose. During the height of the season we may pick 100 + stems per day. In addition to the Tuberose, we also have available other flower varieties, sunflowers, gladiolas, zinnias and an array of accent foliage.
Plentygood Farm – Home of Highly Nutritious Food and the Wonderfully Fragrant Tuberose

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